Hej, I am Katarina.

Full Stack developer from Espoo, Finland. A certified Scrum master, certified Frontend developer and a PHP Developer with 10+ years experience in IT and knowledge of the latest trends and technologies. Currently passionate mostly about the modern tech stack that includes Node.js, Express, Typescript, Next.js, ReactJS. I love CSS and always look for the best ways of styling. Can't stop highlighting the importance of the accessibility. Currently I am considering to get certifications in Node.js and later in Python.
An advocate of continuous learning.
The area of expertise : Full Stack Web Development
Nationality : Finland
Languages : Swedish and English.

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What inspires me

The world of art

I have a genuine interest in Art & Culture. My interest in cultural studies has been strengthened through my study years. Having studied music during 8 years of my childhood and as a teenager, I haven't become a professional but as an amateur I adore music and fine arts. I try to regularly attend the concerts, I follow what's going on in the world of the classical music, checking out the talented conductors and performers. Opera and ballet world looks like real magic to me. Own performances I spare for my friends and inner circle, but playing the piano and the flute help me after hard working days. It's not only music, however, that attracts me. I am always surrounded by art, theatre, good books and museum program. Hope, I'll tell you more in my short notes here.

You can read my blog about theatres, museums, exhibitions, music, concerts, books and cultural events if you share these interests with me.


Travel. As much as you can.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.

@Mark Twain

I love travelling. Who doesn't?'

Some time ago I stopped counting countries/places visited and now I'm enjoying the life and the process of finding beauty in every visited place..



If you want to contact me, send me a message at kkondareva@gmail.com or visit my social media platforms.

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